How to serve God?

Have you ever asked yourself if you can do something to make a difference for Jesus? You can definitely volunteer at your local church or community. But have you considered that it’s time for you to step up? Are YOU called for full-time ministry?

You can receive training at a Bible school, Bible college, or a seminary. However, there are three important aspects to consider, when striving to grow in your faith and ministry skills.

How are you trained in pastoral ministry? It is one thing to hear something in a classroom, but another applying it in the field. THS acadmey, not only trains you with biblical knowledge but also how to apply it in everyday life. What do you do if you have to counsel a marriage that is falling apart?

How much does tuition cost? On average Pastors /Missionaries make $25,000- $55,000 per year. Paying $200,000 for a degree would be irrational. Some colleges have to run expensive facilities, therefore have higher tuition costs. Consider applying for an online program like ours.

What is the theology that the school believes in? When looking at the theology of an organization, there are three big questions. What do they teach about the Bible? What do they teach about Jesus?  What do they teach on the mission we have as Christians? The answer to these questions should be simple, because if the explanation of their faith is not clear, the rest is even more blurry.

Take the free suitability test now to find out if you are suited for fulltime ministry. Upon completion you can talk to a THS representative to find out your next steps